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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Possession- Inner Demons

   What I learned from this movie is that if you feel like you are being possessed you should shoot up some heroin. Now, jokes aside I actually loved the concept of Inner Demons, I never knew how good demons and drugs could be (in a movie); the two intertwined perfectly together.

   It took a little while for the possession to be known in the movie. The possession started to happen more when the main character, Carson, was committed into a rehabilitation facility. The beginning of Inner Demons was mostly interviews with her parents and her one friend and then an awkward intervention.

   Once Carson committed herself into rehab that is when the fun begins, and by fun I mean that is when the demon takes control. In the trailer you will see that the demon knows a lot of secrets about other patients in the facility and again it worked well; a demon taunting vulnerable people trying to fight their own demons. it screams perfection... or trouble.

   Inner Demons has a perfect concept and great characters; the title and poster say it all. I highly recommend this movie, though it is not for everyone since it is found footage.

*** REMEMBER *** Do not do drugs. Even if you think you are possessed.


    Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

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