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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Introduction to Midnight's Cup of Sub-genres

   If you are following me on Instagram (@midhorror) you would know that I came up with a fun idea to have a cup filled with different horror sub-genres and once a week I will pick a sub-genre, without looking, and watch/review a movie in the genre. But since I am enjoying this fun little game, I have decided to change it from once a week to twice a week. I am also trying to expand my horror repertoire so I can become familiar with different sub-genres and styles.

   I especially want to expand on foreign horror, to be specific, since they are almost always more frightening than mainstream horror. But when I say foreign I do not mean Australian or British films. I want to watch foreign films in French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.

   I hope you guys like my new idea and if you love horror like me you can also play along, just follow me on Instagram (@midhorror) and whatever sub-genre I pull out of the cup, you can either watch the same movie or one that you prefer. Just remember I am watching movies that I have not seen before; or I am at least trying to. So if you have watched a movie that I plan to see, you can change it to a movie that you have not seen too.

   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

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