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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Den

   “There is a monster in my closet”; That one scene alone gave me a heart attack. I had to cover my eyes twice before rewinding the movie a third time to watch that scene again. The Den reminded me of Smiley which is a horror movie with a similar concept.

*Maybe I’ll write a review on Smiley.

   When the main character was video chatting and came across the girl whose webcam was not working. All I have to say is her picture freaked me out. I thought something or someone would pop out and I had to watch the movie through the spaces between my fingers. Finally, I liked the ending but I wish that it did not end that way but it ended like a true horror movie except not as scary.


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014


   The film takes place in two different times: the present and 11 years earlier. The two plotlines are told in parallel through flashbacks.
   In 2002, software engineer Alan Russell moves into a new house with his wife Marie, 10-year-old son Tim, and 12-year-old daughter Kaylie. Alan purchases an antique mirror to decorate his office. Unbeknownst to them the mirror is supernatural and malevolent and induces hallucinations in both adults; Marie is haunted by visions of her own body decaying, while Alan is seduced by a ghostly woman named Marisol, who has mirrors in place of eyes.
   Over time, the parents become psychotic, with Alan increasingly isolating himself in his office and Marie becoming withdrawn and paranoid. During the same period, all of the plants in the house die and the family dog disappears after being locked in the office with the mirror. After Kaylie witnesses Alan interacting with Marisol and tells her mother, Marie goes insane and attempts to kill her children. Alan overpowers her and chains her to their bedroom wall.
   Alan remains isolated in his office for an indeterminate period of time; when the family runs out of food, the children attempt to seek help from their neighbors, who disbelieve their stories. Attempting to contact doctors or the authorities, Kaylie discovers that all of her phone calls are answered by the same man, who admonishes her to speak with her father.
   One night, Alan unchains Marie, and both parents attack the children. Marie briefly comes to her senses, only to be shot dead by Alan. Alan corners the children in his office, but also experiences a moment of lucidity, during which he forces Tim to shoot him to death. The police arrive and take Tim into custody. Before the siblings are separated, they promise to reunite as adults and destroy the mirror. As Tim is taken away in the back of a squad car he sees the ghosts of his parents watching him from the house.

My Thoughts
   Like many horror trailers of there, the one for Oculus made me anticipate its release. Luckily, I got to watch Oculus this past weekend; which was a long enough wait.
   I am going to try my hardest to not spoil Oculus what so ever because I really did enjoy it. It may not have been the scariest movie but being a psychological horror Oculus did freak me out; especially when I saw how the evil spirits psychologically affected the main characters (Kaylie Russell and Tim Russell) throughout this movie. It was truly fascinating to watch.
   I have to warn you about Oculus though. Pay close attention to this movie, because of the sequences changing constantly from past to present it can get very confusing. Even missing a minute and you could miss out on a crucial part of the movie.
   The majority of Oculus may have been good but there were some things that I did not like. Firstly, Oculus took a while before it got to the climax and everything before that, were either the main characters arguing or setting up their camera and timers. Secondly and lastly, I felt as though throughout this movie Kaylie Russell, the sister and one of the main characters seemed to be very bossy.
Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

American Horror Story (Series)

   The music that plays in the opening credits sets your mood for what is to come in the episodes. It is creepy and disturbing but you cannot look away. This was the first time that I watched American Horror Story and I finished it in one day. So, you know it is worth the watch. The first season (The Murder Show) alone is full of drama, sex, paranoia and numerous plot twists.

   All I have to say is; Evan Peters, his acting is on another level, the way he is able to play a depressed sociopath but at the same time convince the audience to like his character even more is the true essence of an actor. Evan Peters deserves recognition and I cannot wait to watch the second season (Asylum) to see the new character he plays and also how he presents is to the audience.

   I am already so hooked; as we speak I am loading the second season (Asylum) to watch. No breaks, no rests, just full on marathon mode. Hopefully I finish all three seasons in time for the premiere of the fourth season (Freakshow).


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

   Let me start off by saying that the opening credits gets scarier by the season. Since I saw the opening credits for the fourth season (Freakshow), I can say that it is a fact that the creators of American Horror Story is trying to get you scared.

   Lana Winters, let’s talk about her. In the beginning I will admit I felt sorry for her. She struggled to become a serious Journalist while hiding away her sexuality to do so; but after finishing the season I could not help but get mad at her for taking advantage of everyone. She was being such an opportunist.

   The actress who plays her on the other hand is incredible. Sarah Paulson is a magnificent actress; she was good in season 1 (Murder House) but her character was not seen as much as she was in season 2 (Asylum).

   One more thing, pay attention to episodes 9 through 12 because episode 12 can get a bit confusing with the years shown during the flashback sequences.


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

   The third season primarily follows the antics and events of a coven of Salem descendants who reside within a boarding school, Miss Robichaux's Academy, centered in New Orleans, Louisiana. The academy is run by Headmistress Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson), who has always lived in the shadow of her mother, Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange). Fiona is the Coven's "Supreme", a witch born every generation who embodies countless gifts and magical abilities, namely, the Seven Wonders of Witchcraft; the Supreme is the head of the Coven. Danger lurks inside the academy's past due to the mysterious butler Spalding(Denis O'Hare) and his relationship with Fiona. The entire coven is assessed and evaluated by the Council of Witchcraft, which includes Fiona's old rival and Cordelia's mother figure, Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy).
My Thoughts
   Loved the drama in this season. It was not too much nor too little; it was just right. Unlike Asylum where there was so much going on in a short amount of time that it got confusing in certain episodes. 

Do not get me wrong I still enjoyed Asylum very much; I just had to pay close attention. 

   I was disgusted by what happened to Evan peters' character in episode 3 (The Replacements) but by the end I was content. It was just so awkward I wanted to close my eyes... And I was watching it alone.

   Now Sarah Paulson, she owned this season again with her acting skills. Playing cordillia, head mistress of the academy, She went from being a vulnerable girl looking for approval from her self-absorbed mother to an independent strong women looking after upcoming witches. 

   Through my eye taissa farmiga's character is exactly the same as her character in season 1; at least personality wise. 

   This season had so much emotion, I caught myself numerous amount of times rewinding scenes just so I can feel the emotion again and again.


    Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!