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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Animation- Resident Evil: Degeneration

   Resident Evil: Degeneration also known as Biohazard: Degeneration is by far the best Resident Evil film out there. I am a big fan of the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich, those films were amazing but Degeneration is on another level.

   This film followed the disease, where it came from, how it was created, basically everything you need to know about it. The zombies or the people infected were much more frightening in the animated film rather than in the live action ones. They even have jump scares which I did not find in the live action franchise or at least in the first installment. Though it has been awhile since I watched franchise so I cannot judge.

   I highly recommend Degeneration 100%. I know there is a sequel with the same main male character from Degeneration so I am very excited to watch that one and hopefully I recommend it as well.


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Possession- Inner Demons

   What I learned from this movie is that if you feel like you are being possessed you should shoot up some heroin. Now, jokes aside I actually loved the concept of Inner Demons, I never knew how good demons and drugs could be (in a movie); the two intertwined perfectly together.

   It took a little while for the possession to be known in the movie. The possession started to happen more when the main character, Carson, was committed into a rehabilitation facility. The beginning of Inner Demons was mostly interviews with her parents and her one friend and then an awkward intervention.

   Once Carson committed herself into rehab that is when the fun begins, and by fun I mean that is when the demon takes control. In the trailer you will see that the demon knows a lot of secrets about other patients in the facility and again it worked well; a demon taunting vulnerable people trying to fight their own demons. it screams perfection... or trouble.

   Inner Demons has a perfect concept and great characters; the title and poster say it all. I highly recommend this movie, though it is not for everyone since it is found footage.

*** REMEMBER *** Do not do drugs. Even if you think you are possessed.


    Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Body Horror- Cabin Fever (franchise)

Cabin Fever

   I have heard a lot of people talking about Cabin Fever and how much they enjoyed it; so I decided to join in and give it a shot. I honestly do not know how I feel about this movie and I have mixed feelings when thinking of a rating.

   The plot is great and I was excited for the movie after reading it, but the only problem is that it was not properly executed. I felt as though there could have been a lot done to make this movie at least good. The acting was amateur and the directing could use some improvement.

   In the beginning of Cabin Fever I was infuriated by the old man who worked in the convenience store. His old fashion ways and choice of words would get anyone upset. By the end of Cabin Fever I realized why he said what he said, and it was actually funny to see him in that light considering his age.


Spring Fever

   In my Cabin Fever review I expressed my sadness with the film especially with having different thoughts going into it. But I said that I did not want to disrespect the franchise so I decided to watch the sequel.

   Spring Fever is definitely better than the first; not a complete upgrade but it is better. With Spring Fever it is more comedy driven with hints seriousness tied in. The problem with first installment is that since the plot is so serious and then the dialogue is comedic it could not flow properly. Some horror films can have both seriousness and comedy but it cannot be equal; either more seriousness or more comedy not 50/50.

   Now the content of the movie, I do not know if it is because there is a younger cast or that the climax is during prom but I felt as though Spring Fever was Carrie inspired in a lot of ways. The lighting, the blood splatter, the riot to get out of the gym, everything just screams Carrie


Patient Zero

   In Cabin Fever there were equal amounts of seriousness and comedy which made the movie suck. In Spring Fever there was more comedy, less seriousness which was alright and upgraded the franchise a little. Now, in Patient Zero there was more seriousness and less comedy which worked perfectly because the movie is about the origin of the flesh eating disease. 

   The Cabin Fever franchise is black comedy based and even though the first two did not go well for me, Patient zero did. The writers knew exactly when there should be comedy and when the dialogue should be serious; which in the first installment I felt as though there was confusion.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Serial Killer- The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Remake)

   If you are following me on Instagram, @midhorror, you would know that I came up with a fun idea involving a cup filled with horror sub-genres. The first sub-genre I got was ‘Serial Killers’ so I decided to watch The Town That Dreaded Sundown (TTTDS) 2013 remake.

   While at the drive-in on Halloween during the annual showing of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Corey Holland and Jami Lerner are watching the film. Realizing that she is not enjoying it, they decide to leave. While parked in a secluded area, they begin to talk and kiss, but Lerner sees the Phantom in the woods.

My Thoughts
   Finding out that the film was low budget so it could have the same filming style as the first made me like TTTDS even more. Though I have not seen the original I can see from the latest version that the original is a classic serial killer film.

   TTTDS is a serial killer movie that will be enjoyed by people who love a small town, young adult horror with a touch of maturity. There are numerous twists in this movie and near to the end I found myself thinking that every character was the killer; even the grandmother.

   Since I have not watched the original, I do not know if there are any similarities between the movies, other than the killer and the town of course; though at one point in the movie I felt like I was watching a 70’s horror film. Maybe it could have been because of the wardrobe or the setting; either way I enjoyed it.

   I have not watched a serial killer horror in a while and I would have to watch the original TTTDS to be a perfect judge of this version. I do however recommend it but not highly.


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Introduction to Midnight's Cup of Sub-genres

   If you are following me on Instagram (@midhorror) you would know that I came up with a fun idea to have a cup filled with different horror sub-genres and once a week I will pick a sub-genre, without looking, and watch/review a movie in the genre. But since I am enjoying this fun little game, I have decided to change it from once a week to twice a week. I am also trying to expand my horror repertoire so I can become familiar with different sub-genres and styles.

   I especially want to expand on foreign horror, to be specific, since they are almost always more frightening than mainstream horror. But when I say foreign I do not mean Australian or British films. I want to watch foreign films in French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.

   I hope you guys like my new idea and if you love horror like me you can also play along, just follow me on Instagram (@midhorror) and whatever sub-genre I pull out of the cup, you can either watch the same movie or one that you prefer. Just remember I am watching movies that I have not seen before; or I am at least trying to. So if you have watched a movie that I plan to see, you can change it to a movie that you have not seen too.

   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Strain- Graphic Novel vs. T.V. Show + Review

   Many people out there do not like it when a movie or TV show is based on a novel, and if it is a graphic novel it makes it worse because the readers already have a visual on what is going on with the novel. Personally, I love it when they are able to successfully morph a book into a movie or TV show; whether it is a young adult novel or an action-packed horror graphic novel.

   Being a fan of horror and especially vampires made it impossible for me to not watch The Strain. It is however based on a graphic novel of the same name by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I have never read the novels but having marathoned and enjoyed the show, I was still very curious and skeptical afterwards on if the TV show could compare to the novels.

   After doing some research I found that there was not any legitimate websites out there where they compared the show to the novels. Fortunately it did come to my attention that Fox Horror (FX) created a site where they not only compare episodes for you but they also compare scenes that you can view by flipping the pages like an actual novel. The site features music, amazing graphics and exclusive video clips revolved around The Strain Season 1.

   It is so entertaining and something you will not find anywhere else. I urge you to check it out now. You would not want to miss this. Click the direct link here: Also make sure to buy season 1 of The Strain on Blu-ray and DVD now.


   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

FX The Strain- Exclusive GIFs and Still from Season 1

   While I am marathoning The Strain I wanted to give my viewers a look at some exclusive stills and GIF’s. Hopefully this will be enough until the bigger surprise on Friday 12 am ET. It is something that I have not done before and it will be exciting for fans of The Strain; be it TV series, graphic novel or both.   

   The GIF's are especially teasing for someone wanting more. Check out both and for more on The Strain. Also if you have not purchased The Strain on DVD and Blu-ray do so ASAP.

   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!