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Monday, 10 November 2014

Top 20 Horror Movies!!!

1.       Jeepers Creepers (2001)
·         Trying to fall asleep will be difficult after memorizing the theme song.
2.       Chucky (Franchise) (1988-2013)

·         Gruesome sailor-mouth black comedy; all within a doll.

3.       Ginger Snaps (2000-2004)
·         Sexy, kick-ass Canadian trilogy; one the nation should be proud of. The only movies where werewolves make sense.
4.       Stay Alive (2006)
·         Movie centered on a horror video game, that actually makes sense in the movie itself.
5.       The Ring (1 & 2) (2002-2005)
·         Changes the way you take a shower. Changes that way you watch everyday T.V. No cheap scares involved.
6.       The Grudge (1 & 2) (2004-2006)
·         The sole reason why I love Japanese to English horror movies. Placed at number in that list.
7.       Silent Hill (2006-2012)
·         The choreography of the monsters is what makes Silent Hill a horror favourite.
8.       The Fourth Kind (2009)
·         Based on a true story; footage and interviews with the actual victim. All incorporated to make a personal favourite. *** Never visiting Alaska; well maybe.
9.       The Mist (2007)
·         The characters thinking process is logical and realistic, and causes the audience to relate to the situation at hand.
 10.       House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
·         Vulgar clown, babied blonde psychopath, bunny suits, and fried chicken. What more can you ask for in a movie? Pure black comedy with a hint of gruesome.
11.       Dead Silence (2007)
·         Dolls are scary to begin with. So, ventriloquist dummies have to be horrifying. Making this a sure favourite to full-time horror movie watcher.
12.   Grace (2009)
·         Miracles may turn into a curse; which is perfect for a horror movie. Now, add a baby and a baby bottle and it is the perfect plot to a great movie.
13.   Let the Right One In (2008)
·         Do not bother to watch the American version. Get the full effect by watching the original Swedish version.
14.   Sinister (2012)
·         Finding super 8 tapes may be a cliché in older horror movies but it definitely works for Sinister. Plus the footage on the tapes is the scariest part of the movie. One of my favourites from Blumhouse Productions.
15.   Paranormal Activity (2007-2014)
·         Do not worry about trying to be different and saying you hate the Paranormal Activity franchise because I tried and happily failed; and I will probably do it again for upcoming installment to the franchise.
16.   The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Road trips, deserted areas, and mutants are all things I am afraid of; which makes this movie one worth being on the list.
17.   Orphan (2009)
·         Adopting a immigrant child is struggle in itself but adopting one that psychopath is on a whole different level. Now, the huge plot twist near the end is the reason why this movie made to this list.
18.   One Missed Call (2008)
·         Getting phone calls from someone you know and find out it is not who you think it is, is probably why I get a heart attack every time I get a prank call. The fact that the movie revolved around young adults made it easier to relate to which, in turn made it more scare.
19.   Human Centipede (2009)
·         Centipedes are one of the most disgusting insects in the world and evil German scientists are not any better; but it made for a good movie and it is on this list so, there is no complaining.
20.   Blair Witch Project (1999)
·         The first found-footage horror movie I ever saw before I even knew what found-footage was. May have caused my addiction to found-footage horror movies because of the controversy of the movie being real way back when it first released.

   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

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