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Friday, 7 November 2014

10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2014/ Bucket List

   Above are the posters of each movie on my top 10 upcoming movies of 2014 list, and below I obviously had to add the trailers that got me hooked, so that all of you can see how each made it on my list. The way I have set this list up is in order of least excited to most excited. I will also add when each movie will be releasing and where (i.e. VOD, DVD, Theatres).

# 10- See No Evil 2

   Even though See No Evil 2 is placed in the #10 spot, there are two women starring in this movie which makes it one I am certain to make time for. Scream Queen Danielle Harris will be starring in See No Evil 2 and obviously if she is in this movie I have to watch it; since she is known for starring in 4 of the many Halloween franchise movies plus a producer's cut in 1995. The other actress I am thrilled to see in this movie is Katharine Isabelle; she is known for being in one of my favourite horror trilogies as a child (Ginger Snaps) and also one of my recent favourite movies (American Mary). It also does not hurt that she is a Canadian Actress and that those movies are Canadian as well, like me! I have to be proud. See No Evil 2 will release in October on VOD and DVD. 

# 9- Jessabelle

   For me, trailers are very deceiving. It may look like a blockbuster hit or the movie of the century. But when you finally watch the movie you regret even watching the trailer because you feel like the trailer itself was a spoiler alert for the whole movie especially if all the climactic parts are in the first 5 seconds of the trailer. That is how I feel about this movie but then again I am drawn to watch it. Especially if the producers of Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge are behind this movie I just have to watch it. Jessabelle is set to release in November on VOD.

# 8- Another Me

   Let me just say that I do not know much about this movie. The only thing I do know is that it is starring Sophie Turner best known for her role as Sansa in The Game of Thrones. The reason why this movie caught my eye is because it seemed like something similar to I Know Who Killed Me which starred Lindsey Lohan. Another Me is probably nowhere near similar to I know Who Killed Me and is hopefully better. Especially since the very HOT Jonathan Rhys Meyers is also in this movie. It is one I need to watch. Another Me has released, back in August. The one problem is that it can only be watched online at least in North America.

# 7- Ouija

   Any movie that involves ouija boards or witchcraft automatic makes me want to watch it. So, obviously the title alone would hook me in enough to add it to my list of movies to watch. The movie being centered around a group of friends wanting to contact one of their friends who has recently died, is a great plot for young adults who are interested in horror movies. Ouija is set to release on October in theatres.

# 6- The Taking of Deborah Logan

   The reason why The Taking of Deborah Logan is on my list is because I recently came to love horror movies that are filmed in the style of "found footage". I am also looking forward to watching this movie because I like how the plot is that a student is studying Alzhemeir's disease which makes the thought of "found footage" even better. The Taking of Deborah Logan is set to release in October on VOD and also in November on DVD.

# 5- The Pyramid

   The Pyramid is obviously a movie about mummies and what lies inside the Great Pyramids of Giza. which is exactly why I am excited to watch this movie. Ancient souls be it good or evil coming to life excites me and having the location be Egypt is just the icing on the cake. The Pyramid is set to release in December but to my knowledge it is unknown if it will be released on DVD, VOD, or in theatres.

# 4- Amityville: The Awakening

   Being a fan of the Amityville Horrors (2005) I would have to be curious about Amityville: The Awakening. After watching the trailer I became even more curious than before. One thing I especially like that drew me in was having the plot of the movie revolve around the son of the family, who has a neuralogical diesease which has put him in a coma-like state. He was suppose to be in a coma for a while but being a horror movie, that obviously could not happen. Amityville: The Awakening was set to release on January 2015 but Dimension Films removed it from their release schedule and now their looking for a new release date.

# 3- Horns

   Horns may not be a Horror movie in the traditional way but it involves the Devil and being consumed by the Devil. So, in my books it is worthy of being on my list. The plot is very sweet, sad, and genius. I love the way Daniel Radcliffe's character begins to transform into the Devil in hopes of finding the person who killed his girlfriend. Horns is set to release on October in theatres.

# 2- Grace: The Possession

     "Witness the possession, in the eyes of the possessed". After reading that in the trailer I am officially hooked. It is the first horror movie I have heard of that is an "interactive" film. Watching the trailer, I truly feel like I was seeing the events occur in the eyes of Grace, who is the main character (possessed). Grace: The Possession is set to release in October on DVD.

# 1- The Houses October Built

The setting in this movie is very backwoods. With clown masks included, it makes this movie even better. While watching the trailer for this movie I had the same feeling that The Hills Have Eyes gave me; anticipation and fear. Having the climax happen in such an isolated, remote area makes the scare factor even more intense. I can not wait until this movie comes out; which is in October on VOD.

   Don't let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

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