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Friday, 14 November 2014

Bucket List - Grace: The Possession

   Last month I posted my "Top 10 upcoming movies of 2014" so, I came up with the idea to post reviews entitled "Bucket List" followed by the movies name because the movies on my list are just like a bucket list, at least for a horror movie fan like me. This was my second most anticipated horror movie of the year. Keep on reading or scroll down for my thoughts on Grace: The Possession.
   Grace: The Possession, a story told like never before through the eyes of the possessed. Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher) is Grace: a naive, beautiful, virginal college freshman trying to deal with campus culture and her outgoing new roommate. But when a terror takes over her body and unleashes chaos, Grace returns to the cold clutches of her severe grandmother (Lin Shaye) and the strict rules of the church. Haunted by the horrific death of her mother and deeply ingrained, destructive urges, she must stop the demon inside before it’s too late.
 My Thoughts
   Grace: The Possession is a horror movie that is like no other. Being introduced to a new sub-genre may not always work out for the audience or even the movie’s popularity but it worked perfectly for me. First person is a sub-genre I am not used to watching, especially in the horror industry; excluding horror video games that is.

   The director of Grace: The Possession did an amazing job with making the point of view realistic. From the difficulty of looking at the sun to the blurred vision of being intoxicated; it was all perfectly thought out. I especially liked how the movie began; it started as a regular movie and the viewer got to see who the star of the movie was, then it changes to make the viewer themselves, the star. The only other time the viewer gets to see the appearance of the star is when she is infront of a mirror; which happens quite often.

   There are a lot of plot twists within this movie and I enjoyed every bit of it. One of the biggest plot twists, in my opinion, involves the viewer; which is exciting and unexpected. Within the first ten minutes I got scared and it did not stop there. The scares were endless and it was not like your typically horror movie clichés either; they were very unique and different. In a way the scares were realistic at least for me being the viewer/star; obviously for everyone it will be different but for me it was perfect.

   Many horror movies that were released this year and even last year did not reach my expectations as a horror movie fan but Grace: The Possession did; it was a unique and new change from the clichés I am used to seeing.

   I highly recommend Grace: The Possession to all horror movies fans/enthusiasts and anyone else who is willing to watch. Especially if you are a fan of Blumhouse Productions (i.e. Sinister, Insidious,The Purge, etc.)

RATING: 10/10

   Don’t let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!

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