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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Introduction to my Horror Blog (Updated)

    If you guys read the description above you would know that this blog is dedicated to horror movies and anything similar to it. In my blog I will be writing about upcoming horror movies, reviews, favourite movies and much more…

   As I become more familiar with my blog, I promise that there will be variety of different ideas. For now, I only have a few like:

·         Remake vs. Original.
·         Series Marathon.
·         Franchise Review.
·         First vs. Sequel.
·         Released This Year.
·         Top Movies.
·         Midnight’s Cup of Sub-genres.
·         Midnight’s Alternate Ending.

   It may look like a lot to some of you but since I am a new horror blogger I need to have a bunch of different ideas that will get me a following and make my blog different from others. Plus, not all of the ideas I listed above will end up on my blog. I have them as a reference for later on and also if you guys see one that you love it is even better for me because then I would know exactly what you want to see.

   Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@midhorror) because that is where I introduce my ideas, movies I will watch, and reviews that I am working on.

Hope you guys follow my blog and enjoy.
   Don't let the demons bite or do, YOU FREAKS!!!


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